Before you upload ...

Please make sure that the song you are about to upload is NOT in our database, or not played on our live station.

In order to confirm this is to go to the Main MK song page , and type in the name of the song you are planning to upload in the search song field and do a search. If you can not find your song, go ahead and upload it - we may be able to give you points for uploading a song which is not in our database. If in doubt, email MKadmin.

Enter the #Number of Music files you want to upload at this time -- below. Max = 9.


Point gained by uploading :
Song Catagory and Points Songs you need to become Premium Member
  • Assamese Songs older than 1940 - original recording - 10 Points
  • 5
  • Assamese Songs older than 1960 - original recording - 5 Points
  • 10
  • Assamese Songs older than 1980 - original recording - 3 Points
  • 17
  • Assamese Songs older than 1990 - original recording - 2 Points
  • 25
  • Assamese Songs after 1990 - original recording - 1 Point
  • 50
    Note: Each point have a lifespan of One year amounting to a total of 100. Any points gained beyond 100 will be good towards 2nd year, and 300 for 3rd year and so on ! These points are administered manually by MK admin, and you will receive a personal email about your reward(s).

    If you have already uploaded any songs, please claim your point by writing to MK Admin at MK Admin

    Points are OFFERED for ONLY Assamese Songs

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